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Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you done a lot of self-development work, but still struggle and can't find the results that you are seeking?
  • Do you have great goals and visions for your future, but you are unable to carry them out and manifest them into your life?
  • Do you feel you have a lot of knowledge about yourself and life but are still not fulfilled, content, or living in abundance?
  • Do you wish to dive deeper within to heal your past and what's holding you back, but need guidance to understand how to?
  • Are you still struggling with creating good choices and healthy habits that bring growth and expansion?
  • Do you have a successful life, but don't feel you live your purpose and longing for deeper meaning? 
  • Do life's unexpected challenges still overwhelm you, and you want to learn different tools to deal with it better?
  • Are you longing to live your life in greater flow, deeply connected with more beautiful intimate relationships and total freedom on all levels!

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" - Nikola Tesla

Hi there,

I'm Samaya Behrens!

I understand how it feels to be confused, stuck, and lost - feeling that you want more out of life but not knowing where to start and how to do it? 

I had a very challenging childhood, but I understood very early that there must be more to life than the collective beliefs around reality and the true purpose of existence. At a young age, I started the journey towards my awakening and experimented a lot on how I could be in charge of my own life and live my purpose in freedom and fulfillment!

I have spent my whole life to break out of the illusion of the collective consciousness and everything that was holding me back and dived deeper within to find REAL healing on all levels! 

This has surely been a profound and transformational journey that aligned me with my true heart and destiny and gave me deep understanding, insights, and expertise to assist others in their true transformational awakening journey.

With deep love and compassion for all life, I am now in service for others to touch as many hearts as possible and inspire people to dive into the fantastic journey of moving the consciousness from conditioned thinking and behavior towards true authentic expression. To be in oneness with the pure heart of the soul and become the best version of themself.

I see where you are, I see what you need, and I can guide you towards a truly joyous life. I'm here for you.

Isn't it time already?


Years of experience working with transformational work and holistic health.

<10 000

Soul reading and quantum flow alignment sessions conducted.


Years as a therapist and 15 years of Education with her Spiritual Teacher, mastering Vibrational Medicine Art and Holistic Transformation.


My Vision

Support people and the planet on a journey back home to the HEART. 
I am on a mission to touch as many hearts as possible and inspire people to dive into the fantastic journey of transformation towards their true authentic expression. To be in oneness with the pure heart of the soul and become the best version of themselves.


iWakening Training's Vision

Create and deliver tools and trainings to accelerate AWAKENING on all levels of consciousness towards the upliftment of humanity and the greater good of the planet.

Introducing iWakening - Quantum Flow State Method and 7 Step Training to Life Mastery 

The Spiritual Gym with Samaya 

The Quantum Flow State Method is designed to take you on a deep transformational journey through activating your true flow state! When you are in your flow state you can take quantum leaps into the expansive evolution of your heart and align with the frequency of your higher self. It accelerates deep breakthroughs and releases what is holding you back and illuminates your 5D reality so that you can experience a moment of true awakening! 

The Quantum Flow State Method includes many different programs, 
as well as the 7 step training to Life-Mastery. This is a flexible and synergetic system to achieve a holistic understanding of how to move forward on your self-development journey!

This Training is a combination of many ancient directions combined with Samaya's QUANTUM FLOW STATE METHOD!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, athlete, or spiritual practitioner, you will benefit from this program as it works holistically on all levels. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The program will help you accelerate your flow state that brings more freedom, happiness, abundance, and deep contentment in your life.

Real transformation happens on the inside.

In my Spiritual Gym, we train on all levels of consciousness and get to the core business of what creates and sustains changes on an individual level.


How does it work?

The 7 Step Training to Life-Mastery

Step 1 - Awareness Training on the mental, emotional and physical level [CONNECT]

Step 1 is about connecting deeper by activating sensitivity and awareness of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. It is about becoming more awake and aware in every moment of your life on all levels. This way, you will start to listen more to the signals of your body, mind, heart, and soul, and you will begin to make healthy choices that align you with your real purpose and highest potential.

Step 2- Transformational Mindset Training [AWAKE]

Step 2 is about reprogramming your mindset and rewiring of the synapses in the brain, creating new chemistry in your whole being towards higher states of consciousness. (There are many levels of mindset training).

Step 3 - Trauma Release Training [RELEASE]

Step 3 works by connecting you to the deeper unconscious patterns that are holding you back in life based on traumas from the past. This training peels off layers of illusions to get you deep into the core energetics of your wounds. "What you can feel you can heal". We work towards profound realizations to move into entirely new behaviors based on a new reality of beauty and love.

Step 4 - Heart Healing Training [HEAL]

Step 4 works on activating the heart energy and bridge the heart and the mind into coherence. The HEART has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body and accelerates the healing journey. Heart Healing Training works on releasing traumas behind anger, grief, and fear, which are all stored in our bodies in different ways and hold us back from the life we are meant to live. Releasing blockages created of painful memories and traumas in our bodies, nervous system, endocrine system, and fascia (the connective tissue) create a pathway toward opening the heart center. By accessing the heart's intelligence, we accelerate healing and become in dialogue with our true essence.

Step 5 - Spiritual Alignment Training [ALIGN]

Step 5 teaches you how to tap into your soul, your most authentic self essence, clarifying and cultivating your consciousness on all levels towards spiritual alignment. We will work with many different meditation techniques to move beyond limiting attachments and align with higher consciousness and the quantum field where everything is possible. You will learn how to build strength in this spiritual alignment to co-create and unfold your truest purpose.

Step 6 - Embodiment and Integration Training [EMBODY]

Step 6 is about learning how to integrate and bring all the steps into life. For that to happen, we have to embody it on all levels of consciousness. We will learn how to move the body in new ways and create new neural pathways to activate a unique frequency and start manifesting in new ways.

Step 7 - Manifestation and Abundance training [MANIFEST]

Step 7 focuses on how to manifest and live from your truth and from what you preach. This step is so much about taking responsibility for your life as a creator. This step helps you to make conscious choices from your TRUEST ALIGNMENT and live a connected, rich, and authentic life experience in pure happiness and abundance.

I can assure you that you will feel safe and supported on this transformational journey as you adapt to the tools you need to take quantum leaps and leverage to the best version of yourself!

This will make all the difference and guarantee a successful journey on your path.


Living and implementing this iWakening Training will help you handle life with greater peace, no matter what storm is knocking on your door! 


Join My 3-day or 12-day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Trainings in Bali or Norway

During the training, we go through a profound inner journey, following the program of 

"7-Step Transformational Training to Life-Mastery"

12-day Transformational Spiritual Bootcamp will give you clarity, activate deep self-love, and strengthen the connection with your heart. You will begin to make healthier choices on all levels of your being and live the best version of yourself towards success, abundance, and happiness.

Join me to become mentally fit, emotionally tuned, and spiritually aligned! 


Ready to experience more breakthrough in your life? This is how you can work with me!

Below you can find different opportunities to work with me and experience iWakening 7-Step Training Program.

1 to 1 Quantum Flow Alignment Session

Soul Reading, Frequency Healing, iWakening Training & Coaching towards your true Soul Alignment, Life Mastery and Abundance! 

Skype session is possible!


iWakening Quantum Flow Retreats & Bootcamps

Holistic Transformational Journey to connect, awaken, release, heal, align, embody and manifest. The journey back home to your heart and manifest your purpose and true abundance. Finding the deep flow state in life! 


iWakening For Your Business

Would you like to create a healthy business with employees that are engaged, content and efficient and love what they do? Join my Transformational Training for Organisational Change and Culture Development


iWakening Educational Online Programs - Spiritual Gym

iWakening Online Educational Programs: Free Facebook Community Groups, Online Courses and iWakening Programs to transform your life and accelerate to a higher level of consciousness. You are welcome to be a part of my Spiritual Gym!


Healy 88 day iWakening Academy Business Mentorship

Do you have a dream to embrace new opportunities and catapult yourself into abundance and freedom life, while making an impact for the planet? The only thing you need to do is to follow our road map to success and learn how to open your heart, align with your true purpose, activate your soul frequency and move through any obstacle that is holding you back from living the greatness within!

Let's talk! Show me you’re interested below.


Public Speaking - Conferences/ Events/ Festival

Do you want to truly move your audience? Invite me to share my talks about Heart Power, Spirituality, Holistic Transformation and New Paradigm Entrepreneurship customised to your audience. 

Read more about it!


My LIVE events in Bali and Norway!

Below you can find the list of the events and retreats I have facilitated lately as well as upcoming ones:

  • November 2018 - MindValley A-Fest - Bali
  • March 2019 - Flow Fest / Aligned Flow Talk - Bali
  • March 2019 - Master Mind Heart Activation - Bali
  • April 2019 - 10 Days Self Love Retreat - Bali
  • May 2019 - Spiritual Awakening Talk - Bali
  • May 2019 - Master Mind Heart Activation - Bali
  • July 2019 - FREE Self-Love Talk and Heart Opening Training - Norway
  • July 2019 - 3-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Workshop - Norway
  • Oct 2019 - 7-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Training - Bali/Lombok
  • Jan 2020 - 3-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Training - Bali
  • Feb 2020 - 3-Day Corporate Leadership Retreat - Bali
  • August 2020 - 3-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Workshop - Norway
  • Oct 2020 - 12-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Training - Bali/Lombok 

Are you looking for a Public Speaker, Love coach or facilitator for your retreat, events or conferences?  Let's get to know each other on the call and see how I can add value to your event! 


Why the training with me will be different?

Great KNOWLEDGE only becomes WISDOM when you get a real EXPERIENCE of it! Only then you can live it as your TRUTH and walk your talk! 

My life's work is a culmination of the last 27 years devoting myself to the spiritual principles under the guidance of life itself and my studies with my Spiritual Teacher.

I have had a profound focus on integrating all the universal laws into the physical world, and that is where this work comes to life in my story.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, as well as studying the spiritual laws in depth. The combination of both worlds has given me a deeper understanding of existence's mental, emotional, psychic, and physical planes.

When you try to transform your life and master the art of manifestation, you are essentially working with raising your 'spiritual energy/frequency' to new peaks. To do it successfully, you have to understand how each level of your consciousness operates, and each level has its way of processing this before you can fully "get it" and let it unfold and manifest from the right place of your being.
This understanding is how the 7 Step Training program came to life through embodiment/integration training and manifestation training. I know I can help you get closer to your life's purpose with more ease, flow, freedom, life in abundance, and happiness. 

Come and join this journey on your way back home to your heart... - to live in alignment with your highest purpose in self-love and happiness! 

During my sessions, I can see the contrast between your soul truest unfoldment and the manifestation of your current human experience. I can detect what is blocking the truth of your soul's unfoldment in your consciousness, release it, heal it, and coach you to a higher alignment specifically customized to your unique life journey. At the same time, I will create clarity for you by laying out the necessary steps from the moment we meet and the whole journey towards total fulfillment.

It is about living your true soul's potential, and I am here to support you and guide you during your transformation.

I love working with motivated and HEART driven a-players, entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to accelerate their transformational journey and live their life to the fullest in growth, expansion, and flow of abundance.

If you are this leader that wants to step up and take your part in walking your truth and lead by example for the greater good of the planet, then we are a perfect match. 

I believe we all play a role in serving this planet, and I am here to assist you on that journey! Let's create more heart-connected communities on this planet.

I look forward to working with you! 

Don't take my word for it.

Here are inspirational testimonials of me and my student's transformational journey!

"Working with Samaya improved everything in my life. Samaya has assisted me on my journey to change my entire life to the better. It’s hard to express how magical and amazing this journey has been - and still is. I learn new things every day. I now understand and appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. I praise it with gratitude and curiosity. Life is exciting and amazing, even though it can be difficult sometimes. But when I have the iWakening tools to face the challenges, I can get in touch with new things in myself that becomes so so rewarding. It really gives a new spark to my life. I can really say I love life to the fullest now. I’m truly in my own flow. I feel much closer to my heart - my core being and my unique self."

Triana Iglesias
Actress, TV Host, Model

"Thank you Samaya. After 5 days iWakening Training - Choose Love over Fear, I feel so much calmer and at ease. Also a huge benefit for me I feel in love with myself - finally! At first I was taken by the Covid-19. Fear. Anxiety. Apathy. I felt real threats weighing me down, like losing my business, and the potential loss of my beautiful daughter - since she is in the risk zone. Now from listening to you sharing your wisdom, and from doing the exercises, I am optimistic and I have the energy to do what needs to be done. Thank you. I love it when you share the science, the “why is it so’s” in additional videos and slides. Also I LOVE the music!!! Thank you for having such a big heart. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for existing. Thank you for iWakening Spiritual Gym. A truly splendid idea!!!!"

Hanne Hillren
iWakening Student

"First thing first :THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was so happy when I came across this iWakening Training. Last summer I was at your workshop Life Mastery in Oslo. I knew already then, and decided that I will come to Bali one day to work with you. It is a lot of Gurus out there - but you are an angel and have the energy to fill a whole room full of people ( or online ). I always thought it was bullshit this energy field around people - but you had that - I could feel it. And that day in Oslo I kind of thought of you as some kind of an angel. I must say I have never been a spiritual person ( before ) - I am the reason, logic, and facts kind of type, but when I met you in person I was convinced this must be real work! Through the workshop only after a few hours, I got this amazing body experience… it was real to me - I was there and felt that. A real feeling in my body of calmness and awareness at the same time. It was the nearest thing to a spiritual experience I ever had in my life. Then this 5 day iWakening Training - Choose Love over Fear came into my life: And there YOU Samaya were again. I honestly took this as a sign. This was life-changing for me! I am forever grateful for the iWakening Spiritual Gym - I really need it! So thank you Samaya, you are raw, honest, and speak to my heart, body, and soul. "

Miram Moen
iWakening Student

Drop into the true intelligence of your heart…

"6 steps Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Training".

This 10 minute "6 steps Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Training". It is the perfect companion to kick start your day! 

  • Release stress
  • Feel more energetic and spiritually aligned
  • Deepen the connection with your heart and your intuition
  • Become the WALKER of your TRUTH and live your fullest potential! 

Join and Get 10 Min Free Training "Heart Activation & Higher Alignment"

What does my clients say ?

Read below what does my clients say about 10 Min Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Exercise?

""The exercises are wonderful! Deep connection within and overall release of stress in my whole body. I felt really tired and a little sick before doing it and now I feel much, much better - energised and calm at the same time.""

Ninja Krystad
iWakening Student

"I truly love this morning exercise. I really feel it connects me to my heart in place, and expands my energy field. I felt uplifted and I am realizing that the power of my heart is so huge! I would definitely recommend this exercises to all my friends!"

Anette Prøis
iWakening Student

"I feel like boom, I’ tapped in and turned on, thanks Samaya! I truly love it! It really connects me well!"

Kid Mikkelborg
iWakening Student

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