Your Life!

Think in new ways!

Leverage and Thrive to Build a Booming Business that creates 10K a month for your Freedom Life!


We all feel the turmoil of what is happening in the world right now....

We are in a period of collective panic... - and THIS is the PERFECT time to STEP OUT of your COMFORT zone and touch the VISION that makes your HEART sing.

It's time to STOP listening to the craziness of this world, STOP worrying and even STOP saying "maybe one day"...

WHY not just connect to the POWER WITHIN and take a Quantum Leap towards success and abundance!

There has never been a better time to create something new!

Have you NOTICED all those people that are still going strong despite the world falling apart...!?!

And they are EVEN accelerating their business and income more than ever before! 

YES it is possible...


Look... - just because you haven't done it yet it doesn't mean you can't!

Remember, no one just woke up one day and had a $10K income every month!

It's about making a choice to TRUST LIFE, to BELIEVE in yourself and think that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Because it is!

I made that CHOICE 12 months ago and 6 months later down the road, I was living in abundance with more than $10K income every month. And there is a lot more to come! 

Overnight I lost my very well paid leadership coaching job in BALI, like so many others worldwide....

- but what did I do?

I looked at it as a great opportunity to take a Quantum Leap...

- to make a CHANGE!

So I did! 

And it's not too LATE ....

2021 is the PERFECT year to embrace new opportunities and catapult into the life of your DREAMS.

If you OPEN up and embrace this program you can FULLY tap into your POWER and create MAGIC.

A monthly 10K business that is growing and thriving is coming your way…

The only thing YOU need to do is to follow our ROAD MAP TO SUCCESS and learn how to open your HEART, align with your true PURPOSE, activate your SOUL FREQUENCY and move through any obstacle that is holding you back from living the GREATNESS within! 


It's REAL and it’s happening NOW, with or without you!

When YOU become the Genius YOU,

Dreams DO come TRUE!



I see it all the time...

When people I work with learn how to connect with their HEART & ACTIVATE their INTUITION, they RISE, they ACCELERATE and they WIN...

They WIN their power back and become unshakable in creating success!

So listen!!!

You don't need to worry about losing your job, going bankrupt or think about how many months your savings will last anymore!

You don’t need to throw the champagne out with the cork in fear and desperation, but instead understand why YOU are the pot of GOLD that the world has been searching for!

Best of all... you can TOTALY say goodbye to trading time for money and invite in your Dream LIFE instead!

FREEDOM LIFE can be built in 88 days and all your VISIONS and DREAMS can come true! 

It's time to learn the tools, skills and move beyond all limitations! 

We have THE Solution For YOU...

If you follow our iWakening 5.0 Academy Program you will get a cutting edge vehicle that will put you in a great flow of wealth, connect you with a GREAT uplifting community that provide a safe haven for you and your family.

Our Vision is to Create and Deliver Skills, Tools and iWakening Trainings to Align people with their Purpose, Accelerate Abundance and Activate the Heart to manifest Success!

We thrive to uplift humanity for the greater good of the planet. 

The last year of the pandemic has made us all realize that something has to change in this world.

However, if we want a change, we all have to become the change we wish to see in the world.


If you want to feel EMPOWERED, manifest from PURPOSE, and create more ABUNDANCE, then we have a FAST TRACK to success for you to follow.

Make the choice today... - you have nothing to lose!

The new way of being is the new way of living.

Are You Ready to Create a $5K+ Monthly Residual Income in 88 Days?


With the Opportunity for $10K+

With this unique vehicle, you will be able to create a successful, value-based and sustainable business. 

Proven pathway to SUCCESS!

By following our safe pathway you will be able to break through the road blocks that are STOPPING you! 

You will acquire cutting edge knowledge, deep personal growth, find your genius, understand how you operate on a deeper level, connect with your flow, and build the foundation you need to up-level your life in all areas.

The skills and tools to WIN!

Step by step you will learn how to create a monthly $5K+ income in 88 days.

You will be equipped with the tools, skills and mindset you need so that you can further upscale to a monthly 10K business within six months.
With consistency, heart-driven leadership and a mindset of abundance, you can achieve what you want.

Uplifting Community to ELEVATE!

Through this business, the coaching, and the uplifting community, you are investing in a VIP ticket to success.

This VIP ticket will put you in front of the biggest growing trends with a minimum risk of investment. You avoid the hassle of having employees and you don't get the workload of building a business from scratch in these unpredictable times!

This is a Customised Platform to Freedom Life!

We can assure you that you will transform everything that is holding you back. You will gain personal growth, find a deep connection to your heart and discover the power within.

You will understand how to leverage and run a global business that can make money as you sleep, as you breathe, as you play with your children, or travel the beaches of the world.

This platform includes 5 key areas:

1. Holistic Training for Your Consciousness

2. Solid Business Foundation

3. Clear Strategy and Business Skill Sets 

4. iWakening Community

5. Free Healy Onboarding Training (optional)


Who Is This For:

  • A-player
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Networkers
  • Conscious Leaders
  • Health Hackers
  • Personal Development Lovers
  • Bio Hackers
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Online Workers
  • Freedom Lovers
  • Abundance Seekers
  • Wellness Warriors
  • People seeking new projects
  • For those who want to contribute for the Greater Good of the Planet
 Are YOU ready to take yourself and life to the Next Level... -to Leverage and Manifest more Opportunities and Flow of Abundance in All Levels of Life?

How can we promise this SUCCESS for you!

We have found a great solution on how we can accelerate your transformational journey by using a revolutionary frequency device. 

Our experience of combining this Mentorship with the Healy Frequency Device is activating deeper and more profound processes, faster alignments, accelerated integration, and adding momentums to people's manifestations.  

This is what creates quantum leaps and we are so happy to introduce you to this groundbreaking device.

What´s in it for you? How can Healy maximize your life and your business? 

Maybe you already have your own business and want to join this mentorship to become a better leader and elevate your existing business to the next level?

Maybe you need a new business model and are looking for the next unicorn product that can take you far beyond what you could ever dream of?

Maybe it's time to start to working for a higher purpose? To work for the greater good of the planet and as well create abundance and freedom life?

Or maybe you want to find your true potential and see where that leads you?

It is up to you what you choose...

But in case you want a new business platform, we want to introduce you to this unique opportunity...

Imagine that you were an early investor in Apple or Tesla?

Joining this iWakening 5.0 program NOW, enables you to jump on a similar ROCKETSHIP! The rocket is just about to take off and gain full speed into MOMENTUM

Did you know that global analysts are predicting that there is ONE emerging biotech company in Europe, that is best positioned to be the next worldwide giant....

And guess what! That is Healy....

So put on your space suit and prepare for the ride of your life! :-)

Healy is a Unicorn Product!

This HEALY Device Merges Science, AI Technology, Health and Spirituality. It is the Next Evolution of Healing, Wellness and Biohacking 5.0 

Remember, there has never been a time in history where more money has been spent on healthcare and at the same time more people than ever before suffer needlessly?

Healy’s parent company, Time Waver, has already enhanced the lives of more than 500,000 users and has been used successfully by more than 2,000 therapists worldwide the 15 last years.

Built on a proven foundation, Healy’s cutting edge product has a quantum reader that can scan your whole being and find what is out of balance.

The 127 targeted programs spanning over 144,000 frequencies will enhance every area of your life.

It can positively impact and meet the needs of everyone that suffer from various health issues like chronic pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and more...

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have both predicted that “Wearable Health Technology” will be one of the hottest mega-billion dollar trends.

It will take at least 5 years for any competitor to even come close, giving us a 5-year advantage. By that time Healy will already have seized the largest share of the global market.

Healy will continue to be the innovator! As their initial product offering is just the beginning of an avalanche of life-changing biotech products.

We for sure want to be a part of this momentum! 

Join us on a Bold New Mission to Help Enhance Millions of Lives Worldwide!

We are on a Mission to Help as many People as Possible to Create Freedom Life.


Therefore we offer this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Introduction price for everyone that joins this mentorship NOW.


Here is the Unique iWakening 5.0 Offer

iWakening Quantum Leap 5.0 & Leadership Abundance Journey


VALUE: $8.497 - SAVE $6.700

+ Purchase
(necessary for optimal Mentorship results)

HEALY Frequency Device




TOTAL $3.341

iWakening Quantum Leap 5.0 Program:
  • 3 day - 12 hours Transformational Kick Start Bootcamp ONLINE
  • Community Platform 
  • Full Strategy Business Platform with:

    - Holistic Training for Your Consciousness
    - Solid Business Foundation
    - Clear Strategy and Business Skill Sets 

  • Weekly Video or Zoom calls
  • Weekly Skill-sets for Success
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Follow up Questionnaire
  • 88 days of Transformational Workout:

    Everyday Life Force Activation & Quantum Flow State Method for Transformation Towards Freedom Life & Abundance.

  • Group Coaching session every month to create more clarity and understanding.

  • FREE Weekly Healy Training (optional)

This offer is only valid if you purchase a Healy Frequency Device through iWakening‘s Healy Organisation!




100% Money Back Guarantee!




  • Community Platform (VALUE: 399$)
  • 3 DAY (12 hours) - Online INTENSIVE Kick Start Abundance Bootcamp. Dive Deep to break through everything that is holding you back. (VALUE: 2.449$)
  • 7 Step Training Program to Life-Mastery (VALUE: 499$)
  • Full Strategy Business Platform:
    • Weekly Focus on Holistic Training for your Consciousness (VALUE: 897$)
    • Weekly Focus on Business Foundation (VALUE: 501$)
    • Weekly focus on Strategy and Business Skill Sets (VALUE: 499$)
    • Weekly Q&A (VALUE: 897$)
    • Weekly follow up Questionnaire (VALUE: 299$)
    • FREE Weekly Focus on Healy Coaching (Optional)
  • 88 days of Transformational Workout: (VALUE: 960$)

  • Group Coaching Session with Samaya 4 times (VALUE: 1097$)



    + Healy Resonance $1.544


If you have more questions about the program, contact us at,

The Team That Will Support You On This Journey!

Your iWakening Abundance Coach and Team: 

Meet Samaya Behrens! 

The Spiritual Catalyst

For more than 20 years, Samaya has been on a mission to awaken humanity for the greater good of the planet. Her deep passion is to guide people through a deep transformational journey back home to their hearts to make a difference in this world!

She says: "Real magic happens when the illusions of life peel off and the authentic soul awakens"

Her 17 years of education with her Spiritual Teacher of Vibrational Medicine and Holistic Health led her to a path of service.

The last 20 years of her career, she conducted over 10 000 Soul Readings, Energy Alignments and Life Coaching sessions for her clients, assisting them on an awakening journey to become aligned with their fullest potential and highest purpose. 

During her years as a therapist, she was simultaneously building successful businesses - implementing spiritual principles into real life. Making the impossible possible over and over again.

Samaya’s entrepreneurial clients deeply appreciate the combination of her background - Entrepreneurship & Spirituality. They say: “she simply vibrates, what she teaches”.

Samaya is the Founder of iWakening Training - and Author of 7-Step Training For The Consciousness as well as FLOW STATE METHOD. All of these will be some of the great tools she will share in this iWakening Academy Training program.

Lars Erik Eriksen

Zion Lee started out as an Electrical Engineer and worked a number of years in the offshore industry. Because of a very challenging childhood, he made the call to dive into therapy to redesign his life and step up to his highest potential.

He dove head first into therapy, emotions, blockages, mindset, theories and methods for 4 years. Zion Lee worked with 20 different therapists, as much as 4 sessions a week... - he really did go all-in!

He put his entire life on hold, including his career, relationships, friends and hobbies. He worked through so much trauma and pain, but even after 4 years he was still lost in a fog of confusion. He didn't know his purpose, he didn't know which direction to take and couldn’t tap into his true empowerment.

Then he decided to jump into an 88 day mentorship with Samaya.

After 88 days he suddenly knew his WHY, he knew his purpose, he left many outdated relationships and his previous spiritual teacher. He moved from Norway and pursued his dream in Tulum to work with iWakening Academy. The fog was gone and he had direction and purpose in his life! It is the single most profound change he has ever gone through.

He is now fully aligned with his purpose. He lives a freedom life, working in the iWakening dream team with conscious people that are on a mission to serve the highest good of the planet.

Benefits of iWakening Quantum Leap 5.0


Deep Heart Connection

Activated Intuition

Living from Purpose

Manifesting from the Heart

More Awake and Aligned

Accelerated Opportunities

More Energy and Drive

Happier and Healthier life

Better Relationships

Accelerated Leadership Management

Elevated self-respect

Making better Choices

Clear VISION & Mission

Awakened WHY

Heightened Focus

Benefits of Holistic training for your Consciousness

  • Ability to see the bigger picture
  • Ability to face resistance with positivity
  • Ability to see what is aligned with your flow and what is not
  • Ability to make effective decisions, with love
  • Deeper capacity for human empathy
  • Ability to be transparent and communicate truthfully
  • Ability to listen deeply
  • Increased ability to co-create in flow
  • Ability to respect yourself and others
  • Ability to stand firmly in processes and heal
  • Move faster into alignment when straying off-course
  • Ability to manifest from purpose, love and compassion
  • Increased flexibility when making changes
  • Increased ability to navigate precisely from the heart
  • Ability to manifest from play and joy
  • Increased intuition and flow
  • Increased creativity

Benefits of having a Solid Business Foundation 

Why, Mission, Vision and Values

  • Clear direction
  • Efficiency in decision making
  • Deeper connection with your authentic self
  • Deeper self-recognition
  • Self-confidence about your skills and abilities
  • Stronger feeling of fulfillment
  • Peace of heart and mind when you know what your purpose is and where you are going
  • Less stress because of knowing vs being confused
  • Make healthier choices
  • Catch yourself faster when you are off-track
  • Feel more inspired and motivated
  • Ideas and creativity flow through faster and stronger

Benefits of Clear Strategy and Business Skill Sets 

  • Great structure creates efficiency and great results
  • The right skills accelerate success
  • Increased self-confidence activates trustworthiness
  • Integrated skills creates safety for your team and the people around you
  • Good structure creates less stress and more peace within
  • Makes work joyful with a clear overview
  • Acquires more free time
  • Gain flexibility and freedom life
  • No limitations on how far you can go

Benefits of Healy Frequency Coaching

  • Increased ability to self-heal
  • Activated ability to be present
  • Elevated growth and higher consciousness
  • Accelerated processing, integration and manifestation
  • Deeper understanding of how to heal yourself and others
  • More balance in your whole being
  • Better focus and more clarity
  • Increased energy and flow in life

Benefits of being in a Community 

  • Feeling positive upliftment
  • Rewarding collaboration
  • More growth opportunities
  • Experiencing support on all levels
  • Feeling safe ground
  • Increased cohesiveness
  • Accelerated processing
  • More motivation and inspiration
  • Receiving more compassion and love
  • Experiencing more acknowledgement 
  • Activates more drive towards success


Triana Iglesias

Working with Samaya improved everything in my life. Samaya has assisted me on my journey to change my entire life for the better. It’s hard to express how magical and amazing this journey has been - and still is. I learn new things every day. I now understand and appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. I praise it with gratitude and curiosity. Life is exciting and amazing, even though it can be difficult sometimes. But when I have the iWakening tools to face the challenges, I can get in touch with new things in myself that become so so rewarding. It really gives a new spark to my life. I can really say I love life to the fullest now. I’m truly in my own flow. I feel much closer to my heart - my core being and my unique self.