7-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp 
October 2022

BALI (If Bali is open)


Dive into the frequency of your heart and take a quantum leap into YOU as a multi-dimensional being!

Beyond the programming of the past, beyond the illusions of the known, you dive into the void of the unknown. The Zero Point Field of your Consciousness! The space where you align with your Quantum Field, you as a Divine Being, you as a Multi-Dimensional Being! 

This is when awakening happens - this is the transcendental moment where we abandon everything that we know... We begin to experience the realm of the unknown as if the mystery of the self is being revealed to us. We are ready to explore all perspectives and realities beyond the mind's understanding! 

We suddenly find ourselves in a place where everything is possible… Where real co-creation starts and everything in our life begins to calibrate towards healing, total confidence, authentic expression, true creativity, abundance, and divine sovereignty! We no longer live by the limitations of this 3D-Reality, but rather embody the authentic expression of the divine and manifest true freedom. 

Are you ready to take a quantum leap into the expansive evolution of your heart and align with the frequency of your highest self?  To break through and release everything that is holding you back and experience true awakening, shifting from 3D to 5D reality!

If the answer is YES, this is for you

Let's come together and learn how to move this precious body, mind, and spirit into coherence with the frequency of love and explore who we really are as a true divine being, embodied into this physical manifestation of human experience!


The world needs conscious, grounded, and aligned leaders that can shine from the greatness within and show up for humanity. Through these days you will become the lighthouse that the world wants to see!

During this iWakening 7-Day Spiritual Bootcamp we will not only connect to the frequency of the higher self but also learn how to embody it through all the layers into this precious existence in this physical world. 

So what is your takeaway!?

You will learn all the tools you need to break through limitations, release blocks, and heal traumas to allow more of the TRUE ESSENCE OF YOU to come through! The iWakening modalities are profound and life-changing and some of them are Kundalini Life Force Activation, Breath Work, Different Meditations, Quantum Flow State Method, Movement Therapy, Conscious Dance, Power of Touch, and more… All as a part of the 7-Step training to Life-Mastery.

This will catapult you towards Divine Flow and Profound Empowerment. You will leave with great takeaways that will help you shift your life to the next level of being! 

We look forward to witnessing this special Full-Spectrum Transformational Breakthrough BootCamp to align you with all that you have always dreamt of - being in flow with your greatest capacity as divine love! 

This profound iWakening experience is purely happening by your own powerful inner magic without any substances. 


Let's connect, feel, release, heal and open up for more of life! 

We will create a safe space for you to move beyond all illusions of this 3D reality and shift you to 5D truth!

The 7 Step Training Program To Life-Mastery

Step 1 - Awareness Training on the mental, emotional and physical level [CONNECT]

Step 1 is about connecting deeper by activating sensitivity and awareness of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. It is about becoming more awake and aware in every moment of your life on all levels. This way, you will start to listen more to the signals of your body, mind, heart, and soul, and you will begin to make healthy choices that align you with your real purpose and highest potential.

Step 2- Transformational Mindset Training [AWAKE]

Step 2 is about reprogramming your mindset and rewiring of the synapses in the brain, creating new chemistry in your whole being towards higher states of consciousness. (There are many levels of mindset training).

Step 3 - Shadow Work & Trauma Release Training [RELEASE]

Step 3 works by connecting you to the deeper unconscious patterns that are holding you back in life based on traumas from the past. This training peels off layers of illusions to get you deep into the core energetics of your wounds. "What you can feel you can heal". We work towards profound realizations to move into entirely new behaviors based on a new reality of beauty and love.

Step 4 - Heart Healing Training [HEAL]

Step 4 works on activating the heart energy and bridge the heart and the mind into coherence. The HEART has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body and accelerates the healing journey.  Heart Healing Training works on releasing traumas behind anger, grief, and fear, which are all stored in our bodies in different ways and hold us back from the life we are meant to live. Releasing blockages created of painful memories and traumas in our bodies, nervous system, endocrine system, and fascia (the connective tissue) create a pathway toward opening the heart center. By accessing the heart's intelligence, we accelerate healing and become in dialogue with our true essence.

Step 5 - Spiritual Alignment Training [ALIGN]

Step 5 teaches you how to tap into your soul, your most authentic self essence, clarifying and cultivating your consciousness on all levels towards spiritual alignment. We will work with many different meditation techniques to move beyond limiting attachments and align with higher consciousness and the quantum field where everything is possible. You will learn how to build strength in this spiritual alignment to co-create and unfold your truest purpose.

Step 6 - Embodiment and Integration Training [EMBODY]

Step 6 is about learning how to integrate and bring all the steps into life. For that to happen, we have to embody it on all levels of consciousness. We will learn how to move the body in new ways and create new neural pathways to activate a unique frequency and start manifesting in new ways.

Step 7 - Manifestation and Abundance training [MANIFEST]

Step 7 focuses on how to manifest and live from your truth and from what you preach. This step is so much about taking responsibility for your life as a creator. This step helps you to make conscious choices from your TRUEST ALIGNMENT and live a connected, rich, and authentic life experience in pure happiness and abundance.

Meet the Teachers!

Samaya Behrens

The Spiritual Catalyst

For more than 20 years, Samaya has been on a mission to awaken humanity for the greater good of the planet. Her deep passion is to guide people through a deep transformational journey back home to their hearts to make a difference in this world!

She says: "Real magic happens when the illusions of life peel off and the authentic soul awakens"

Her 17 years of education with her Spiritual Teacher of Vibrational Medicine and Holistic Health led her to a path of service.

In the last 20 years of her career, she conducted over 10 000 Soul Readings, Energy Alignments, and Life Mastery Coaching sessions for her clients, assisting them on an awakening journey to become aligned with their fullest potential and highest purpose. 

Her 5 years in Bali led her to work with different corporations transforming their business through culture work, leadership training, and public speaking. She also facilitated iWakening Quantum Flow State Transformational Workshops at MindValley A-Fest, holding healing circles and supporting the MindValley Team with personal Quantum Flow Sessions.

During her years as a therapist, she was simultaneously building successful businesses - implementing spiritual principles into real life. Making the impossible possible over and over again.

Samaya’s entrepreneurial clients deeply appreciate the combination of her background - Entrepreneurship & Spirituality. They say: “she simply vibrates, what she teaches”.

Samaya is the Founder of iWakening Training - and Author of 7-Step Training to Life-Mastery as well as QUANTUM FLOW STATE METHOD. All of these will be some of the great tools she will share in this iWakening Bootcamp.

Samaya´s vision is to touch as many hearts as possible. To inspire people to live in oneness with their pure heart and fully vibrate the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Zion Lee

Zion Lee has a background in Engineering, Psychotherapy, and Vibrational Medicine. Due to a challenging childhood, he made the call to dive into therapy to redesign his life and to step up to his highest potential.

He dove headfirst into therapy, emotions, blockages, mindset, theories and methods for 4 years. Zion Lee saw 20 different therapists, as often as 4 sessions a week... - he really did go all-in.

He put his entire life on hold, including his career, relationships, friends, and hobbies. He worked through so much trauma and pain, but even after 4 years he was still lost and didn't know which direction to take and couldn’t tap into his true empowerment.

Then he decided to jump into an 88-day mentorship with Samaya.

After 88 days he suddenly knew his WHY, he knew his purpose, he left many outdated relationships and his previous spiritual teacher. He moved from Norway and pursued his dream in Tulum to work with iWakening Academy. The fog was gone and he had direction and purpose in his life! It is the single most profound change he has ever gone through.

He is now more connected with his fullest potential and purpose. He is trained to be a part of the iWakening Team and will be supporting throughout the whole transformational journey of the retreat.

What modalities will we share on the iWakening Bootcamp?

Quantum Flow State Method

  • This program works holistically on all levels. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • accelerate more freedom, happiness, abundance, and deep contentment in your life
  • Including the 7 step training to Life-Mastery, a flexible and synergetic system to get a holistic understanding of how to move forward on your self-development journey

Transformational Mindset Workshop

  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs and open up to the bigger picture of life
  • Transform your life through the concept of true self and ego self
  • Reprogram your mindset through expanding your consciousness
  • Heal through understanding the true journey of transformation
  • Transform through holistic thinking
  • Transcend through the understanding of deep process work
  • Heal and manifest faster through understanding the concept of the heart

Kundalini Yoga & Life Force Activation

  • Build inner strength and align with your true essence by ancient secret methods 
  • Release unresolved bad habits using your "primal energy to break through and align with your vibration as truth”
  • Activate deep healing and create a neutral mind through Kundalini Yoga 
  • Transform your life on all levels through breathing techniques, meditation and healing mantras

Zero Point Alignment & Dynamic Meditation

  • Activate true soul alignment through zero-point consciousness 
  • Improve profound healing through guided meditation
  • Achieve the zen-state of stillness through the principle of surrendering
  • Align with your higher self through oneness training
  • Gain clarity and calmness, removing stress and restlessness through dynamic meditation 
  • Align with true co-creation through guided meditation

Quantum Flow Breath Release

  • Calm and release tension and anxiety
  • Release any unhealthy patterns and habits
  • Activate blood circulation, great for detoxing
  • Cleanses and rejuvenates your vital channels of energy, improves deep relaxation, grounding, and NOW awareness
  • Clears the mind and calms the nervous system
  • Opens the heart and activates healing
  • Activate expansion of consciousness and aligns you with purpose

Power of Touch

  • Enhances sensory perception/awareness
  • Receive loving/healing touch that increases self-love and self-presence to reprogram the synapses in the brain
  • Opens up the heart for more co-creation with life
  • Improve energetic life flow
  • Strengthen the embodiment of your transformational journey

Deep Trauma Release

  • Increase the ability for you to express your feelings to release, heal and realign 
  • Release and heal deeply imprisoning traumas from the past 
  • Receive the love you need in areas where it is lacking to heal on a deeper level 
  • Embrace new energy flow for integration and embodiment
  • Elevate creative life force and align with your potential and purpose

Sound Healing

  • Healing vibration that is very soothing for body and mind
  • Release stress and activate the relaxation
  • Enhances focus and clarity
  • Therapeutic
  • Releasing emotional blockages

Movement Therapy & Conscious Dance

  • Alleviate emotional distress in the body
  • Release tension and activate a deeper understanding of your process through movement
  • Enhance emotional openness and creativity
  • Learn how the energy of the element moves in you and how you can embody the transformational journey
  • Heal and integrate through body movement

Throughout the Bootcamp, we are also having a detox program to detox emotional, physical, and mental blockages that can improves restful sleep and wellness. It also enhances mental clarity, boost self-confidence, and Increase expansion of consciousness


  • 1-2 Kundalini Life Force Activation classes every day
  • Transformational Workshops
  • Quantum Flow State Method
  • Trauma Release when needed
  • Daily Meditations & Breathing Techniques 
  • Quantum Flow Breath Release
  • Sound Healing when needed
  • Movement Therapy when needed 
  • Conscious Dance  when needed
  • Daily Detox focus
  • Quantum Flow Healing Activation
  • Healthy Meals

Don't take my word for it.

Here are inspirational testimonials from iWakening participants

Anette Prøis

I am forever grateful for finding a mentor and a teacher that are pure love. That sees behind all the BULLSHIT and scarcity that the ego is projecting outward and instead sees the pure soul that is behind. I was able to opened my mind and heart to start see the same and change everything that was holding me back.  

Now I know What is ME and what is not. That is Freedom to me. To just be me without any apologies. My life is very different today than just one year ago. I trust more, I believe more, I receive more, and are so much stronger. And new opportunities has opened up for me and the future is very bright.

Triana Iglesias

Working with Samaya improved everything in my life. Samaya has assisted me on my journey to change my entire life for the better. It’s hard to express how magical and amazing this journey has been - and still is. I learn new things every day. I now understand and appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. I praise it with gratitude and curiosity. Life is exciting and amazing, even though it can be difficult sometimes. But when I have the iWakening tools to face the challenges, I can get in touch with new things in myself that become so so rewarding. It really gives a new spark to my life. I can really say I love life to the fullest now. I’m truly in my own flow. I feel much closer to my heart - my core being and my unique self.

Olesia Chayko

It has been a beautiful amazing journey. The first time in my life that I’m OK to continue with the unknown. I think all of us (participants) confirm that Even in 5 days, I see the changes in all of us. It’s incredible! A lot of hard work for sure but it’s incredible 

The tools are very challenging and powerful in a good way as a lot of things released. Now I know where I stored stress in my body and I can feel more feelings in my body. I’m ready to be back in the real world and see what happens next. I will continue using some of the tools in my life. I am very thankful to Samaya for everything she has done.

Make a decision to become the greatest version of yourself!

7-Day iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp Bali, October 2022
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