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Starting on August 21, 2022

We are calling in A-players, entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, coaches, teachers, freedom lovers, wellness warriors and everyone that wants to take themselves to the next level and live in total Life Mas


Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND is the true journey to heart-felt leadership!
Heart-felt leadership is the fastest way to long-lasting success, and the reason why deep Heart Connection & Self-Love is so important. Also.... - if we want to create a new world, we need more heart-felt leaders that can make healthy, conscious choices for the greater good of humanity! Through iWakening’s 7 step training program to Life Mastery you will experience how to leverage and align with your highest potential, to feel fully empowered and manifest from the purpose of the heart! This creates true freedom and abundance and is a huge game changer.


Come join us on this FAST TRACK journey to your Self-Love Success.



We all have a deep ineffable longing to belong, and we all want to surrender into the space within that gives endless love, inner serenity, and deep compassion for oneself and everything in life!


This is the key...


What if you could tap into the beautiful inner sanctum of endless love... Where serenity reigns supreme, your heart is at peace and you flow in compassion with everything life presents to you.  Including those difficult moments and tough days! 

Yes, it is possible! 

Being connected to divine love will make you feel strong and empowered and you will find yourself naturally thriving towards your big dreams with ease and flow.

Few know what it takes to get to this stage of Self-Love! The journey of LOVE & BEYOND is a deep dive within, and not necessarily just easy. But with your dedication, our support, and the iWakening knowledge, wisdom, and tools you will fly!

You are not going to be lost on this journey with us but rather learn how to become more in charge of your own life! You will soon experience that you are capable of making good and healthy choices that bring you more love, growth, and expansion that will forever excite you! 

Through these LOVE & BEYOND journeys with us, you will actually move beyond everything you knew was possible. You will learn how to release what is holding you back, heal your darkness, connect with your heart, and align more with who you really are as pure love. You will learn to enjoy the whole journey as it will give you so many realisations that take you to the next level of being.  

This is the path of REAL empowerment and you will start to SHINE from the greatness within!

Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND for Women 

with Triana Iglesias and Samaya Behrens


We live in a society where we are bombarded with fear-filled headlines, collective anxiety, and social media that shows us the “perfect” life. The constant input of information from news sources to our brain is denying a true and authentic reality, which can cause distortion and often leads to NOT feeling good enough, unworthiness, low self-esteem, and negative emotions. This in combination with childhood traumas and programming from the past is not making it easier and a lot of women suffer. This is why so many people feel overwhelmed, confused, and stuck… - and hopelessness and despair becomes a huge part of their life.

We have good news for you! 

This doesn't need to be your reality anymore…. 

Check out the video and we will share more about this journey back home to your heart which is the key to true freedom!

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Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND for Men

with Zion Lee and Samaya Behrens


In society, we never really learn how to become a man. Everything we learn is based on outdated ideas and role models that might have worked thousands of years ago, but now only creates emotional blockages and suffering for most men. The ways we are expected to think, act, how we are supposed to treat women, and how we relate emotionally in life are based on a very old paradigm of belief systems. Even when it comes to sexuality, our whole society is based on a very limited understanding of what our own sexual life force and what love really is

This huge collective issue has created suppressed emotions for generations, a harmful mindset, and shameful thoughts and feelings around sexuality and life. This makes it very difficult for men to act with intimacy in relationships and therefore causes a blocked heart. 

LOVE & BEYOND is a course where we will dive deep within and learn how to release stagnant energy, heal what is holding you back, open the heart, and align you with your fullest potential. We will use cutting-edge tools to activate your true power within so that you can create a new paradigm of YOU!

It's time to change and start to empower yourself and manifest the life you want!

If this resonates with you, check out our video for more…

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Meet the Teachers!

Samaya Behrens

The Spiritual Catalyst

For more than 20 years, Samaya has been on a mission to awaken humanity for the greater good of the planet. Her deep passion is to guide people through a transformational journey back home to their hearts to make a difference in this world!

She says: "Real magic happens when the illusions of life peels off and the authentic soul awakens"!

Her 17 years of education with her Spiritual Teacher of Vibrational Medicine and Holistic Health led her to a path of service.

In the last 20 years of her career, she conducted over 10 000 Soul Readings, Energy Alignments, and Life Mastery Coaching sessions for her clients, assisting them on an awakening journey to become aligned with their fullest potential and highest purpose.

Her 5 years in Bali led her to work with different corporations transforming their business through culture work, leadership training and public speaking. She also facilitated iWakening Quantum Flow State Transformational Workshops at MindValley A-Fest, holding healing circles and supporting the MindValley Team with personal Quantum Flow Sessions.

Samaya is the Founder of iWakening Training - and Author of 7-Step Training to Life-Mastery as well as QUANTUM FLOW STATE METHOD. All of these will be some of the great tools she will share on this iWakening LOVE & BEYOND course with Triana and Zion Lee.

Samaya´s vision is to touch as many hearts as possible. To inspire people to live in oneness with their pure heart and fully vibrate the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Triana Iglesias

For the last 12 years, Triana has been on a deep transformational journey towards self-love. The path to where she is now was not always easy. Growing up in the spotlight as a TV Host in Norway and suppressing her emotions for many years led to two serious life events before she was brave enough to step up and seek help and spiritual guidance. That's when she found her way to  Samaya, and that’s the day her life took a complete turn around and everything changed.

For years to come, she dedicated herself to inner work. Triana met Samaya regularly for Soul Readings, Quantum Flow State Alignments, and Life Mastery Coaching. She also attended several deep transformational iWakening Retreats, Workshops, and Bootcamps. Last year she joined Samaya’s 88 days iWakening Mentorship as she was pregnant. 

In 2018 Samaya and Triana started a collaboration on a self-love online course, taking people through a 7-week profound self-love journey. After that they together held a big Self-Love Free event in Oslo, followed by a 3 day Self-Love Bootcamp with a lot of participants. After Samaya went back to Bali, Triana was responsible for all the Free Self-Love events in Oslo.  

Triana’s mission is to change the world with LOVE and she really looks forward to sharing her true journey with all the participants of LOVE & BEYOND.

Zion Lee

Zion Lee has a background in Engineering, Tantra, Psychotherapy, and iWakening Quantum Flow State. 

Due to a rough childhood, he dove headfirst into 4 years of deep therapy to heal traumas, release blocked emotions and challenging behaviors he has dealt with his whole life. He seeked the path of truth and committed to working with 20 different therapists, as frequently as 4 times a week to go all-in aiming to manifest his highest potential!

He put everything on hold, including his career, relationships, friends, and hobbies. He worked through profound traumas and pain, but even after 4 years he was still lost and couldn’t tap into his true empowerment.

He then jumped into an 88-day mentorship with Samaya as well as received a lot of Quantum Flow State sessions with her. After 88 days he suddenly knew his WHY, his purpose and he left a multitude of outdated relationships, as well as his former spiritual teacher. 

He even left Norway to pursue his dream with iWakening Academy in Tulum. The fog was gone and he finally felt he had direction and purpose in his life! It is the single most profound change he has ever gone through.

He now feels an increasing connection to his fullest potential and purpose and has been on an extreme iWakening Trainee program the last year to be a part of the iWakening team. 

Now he is ready to hold space and support people on a transformational journey and he will be part of this quantum leap of healing and expansion.

Don't take our words for it.

Here are inspirational testimonials from iWakening participants

"I am forever grateful for finding a mentor and a teacher that is pure love." - Anette Prois 

"I can really say I love life to the fullest now. I’m truly in my own flow, I feel much closer to my heart - my core being and my unique self." - Triana Iglesias

"A huge benefit for me is I feel in love with myself - finally! Thank you for existing!" - Hanne Hillren

"I feel awakened, more alive, more passionate, happier to live and to be me. I feel happy to be in this body which I never did before." - Lindera Tamara

"This is one of the best things I have done for myself." - Irma Jorganovic

"I love the tools that Samaya gives. In fact, I’ve never come across anything quite like this." - Susie T Hill

"You have helped so much and I am eternally grateful! You have given me the best gift anyone has given me on my journey in our galaxy." - Nancy N Halvorsen

"It is a lot of Gurus out there, but you are an angel and have the energy to fill a whole room full of people" - Miriam Moen

"I am so eternally grateful to you for this. It became a very significant piece of my healing, and a big step in my soul evolution." - Kristin Sund

"The tools and exercises were amazing, it really made me release blockages in my energy system and made me connect more with my body and my heart." - Tora Malene

Join our LOVE & BEYOND course to take a Quantum Leap in your life!

We so much look forward to witnessing your magical transformational journey towards self-love and empowerment!

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