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SIGN UP - Quantum Healing & Coaching Container - 3 Months Exclusive Turnaround

This Exclusive Quantum Healing & Coaching Container is a crucial part of your journey towards your Spiritual Awakening, living in total Life Mastery.

Through Samaya´s 21 years as an Energy Healer, Therapist and Coach, she found the best way to your True Awakening. Samaya will channel your Soul Essence and Purpose and help you understand how your consciousness operates and what it takes to live fully aligned with your dreams and to manifest abundance and true happiness in your life!

This container is something you have never experienced before! We will dive deep and explore sides of yourself and your consciousness that you have only had glimpses of before! You kind of know it is there somehow…. - the feeling of bliss and grace within your heart, but you have never been able to embrace it fully.

Here are some of the provided benefits for you: 

  • Increased Connection to your True Self and Soul Essence
  • A strong Nervous System that prevents Fear and Anxiety
  • More Peace of Mind 
  • Balanced Emotions
  • A stronger Connection to your Intuition 
  • More Ease when speaking your Truth
  • Become more Open and Receiving in the Dialogue with Life
  • Receive more Love
  • Create more Intimacy
  • Increased Connection to your Life Purpose
  • Living in your Heart Felt Flow State
  • Manifesting Abundance and Freedom Life from your Heart 
  • Become Happier and more Fulfilled

What’s included in this container:

  • Quantum Healing 1:1 Therapy Sessions includes
    • Soul Reading / Purpose Reading / Potential Activation
    • Energy Clearing - Clearing of stagnant energy
    • Deep inner child work - Trauma Release
    • Energy Alignment - Your Highest Agenda Alignment
    • Quantum Flow Activation - Activate Your Heart Felt Flow State in Life
    • Quantum Healing - Deep Healing from the Core Energetics
    • Coaching - For more Understanding, Integration and Manifestation
    • Numerology Reading - Understanding how your Personality and Patterns Operates based on your date of birth 

  • Quantum Healing Therapy Group Circle:
    • Soul Reading - Group Reading
    • Group Healing
    • Trauma Release - Inner child work 
    • Trauma Healing 

  • Exercises - Quantum Flow State Method includes:
    • Kundalini Activation - Life Force Activations
    • Quantum Flow Breath Work
    • Quantum Flow Meditations
    • Quantum Flow Movement
  • Weekly Phone Call includes:
    •  Phone Call - 25 min follow up coaching session if needed


  • All as a part of iWakening’s 7-Step training to Life Mastery which are;

    • Awareness Training
    • Mindset Training
    • Heart Healing Training
    • Trauma Release Training
    • Spiritual Alignment Training
    • Embodiment and Integration Training
    • Manifestation Training


The schedule week by week:

Week 1

  • Session 1:1 with Samaya - Soul Reading / Quantum Healing
  • Customised Exercises for week 1 & 2
  • 25 min Coaching Phone Call - if needed

Week 2

  • Group Healing Session Online
  • 25 min Coaching Phone Calls - if needed 

Week 3

  • Session 1:1 with Samaya - Soul Reading / Quantum Healing
  • Customised Exercises for week 3 & 4
  • 25 min Coaching Phone Call - if needed

Week 4

  • Group Healing Session Online
  • 25 min Coaching Phone Call - if needed

    This schedule will repeat throughout the container and focus on different topics that are customised to where you are and what you need in your process.


The container will give you great benefits and help you: 

  • Reprogram your mind
  • Create more awareness in your body and a deeper connection within
  • Release painful traumas & emotions
  • Heal unbalanced emotions
  • Activate and open your heart
  • Accelerate your spiritual alignment and activate your intuition and purpose
  • Integrate faster
  • Activate the power of manifestation
  • Accelerate abundance

This course will be a total turnaround in your life as you will be given so many profound tools to master your life now and for all time. 

We so much look forward to taking you on this empowering journey back home to your heart and fully connect you with your purpose!

Cant wait to see you soon and witness your magical transformations!

Money is refundable if you don't get any valuable improvement for yourself in this Quantum Healing Container. 

Note 2: Once you sign up you will receive a contract about the testimonials, questionnaires and interview you are required to provide us with. Please complete and sign this contract within 3 working days to secure your spot.