Soul Reading, Quantum Healing, Energy Alignment & Coaching towards your true Soul's Purpose, Life Mastery, and Abundance! 

Working with Samaya is a very transformational experience!

When Samaya works with you, she will tap into your Soul Essence, sharing revolutionary insights and profound guidance that will help you to liberate the most authentic aspects of yourself. With her support, you'll become conscious of anything blocking your path forward and discern how best to move through it in pursuit of true life purpose. 

As you work with Samaya, your soul's essence will be brought to life and embraced. This allows for the ultimate realignment, that of what is true potential and purpose meeting that which currently exists in this very moment. By doing so, any blocks from fulfilling this purpose are eliminated; leaving only healing lightness behind as a remembrance of truth comes forward into conscious awareness while being lovingly guided towards greatness inside each unique journey taken.

With the expert guidance of Samaya, this Quantum Healing session will bring to light your deeply rooted soul potential - a potent power that can unearth pure Divine Love. As you explore the journey towards fulfillment and abundance in its entirety, she'll be by your side providing clarity and protection along every step from start to finish!

Samaya loves working with motivated and conscious a-players, entrepreneurs, and leaders  that is thriving to accelerate their transformational journey and live their life from the HEART in growth, expansion, and flow of abundance.

She believes that the world needs more heart empowered leaders that wants to make a difference in this world.

If you are a conscious leader that wants to step up and take your part in walking your truth and lead from the HEART for the greater good of the planet, then you are a perfect match.

Samaya deeply believes that everyone is playing an important role in serving this planet and her mission is to create more heart-empowered  leaders all over the world.

Meet Samaya Behrens! 

The Spiritual Catalyst

For more than 20 years, Samaya has been on a mission to awaken humanity for the greater good of the planet. Her deep passion is to guide people through a deep transformational journey back home to their hearts to make a difference in this world!

She says: "Real magic happens when the illusions of life peel off and the authentic soul awakens"

Her 17 years of education with her Spiritual Teacher of Vibrational Medicine and Holistic Health led her to a path of service.

In the last 20 years of her career, she conducted over 10 000 Soul Readings, Energy Alignments, and Life Mastery Coaching sessions for her clients, assisting them on an awakening journey to become aligned with their fullest potential and highest purpose. 

During her years as a therapist, she was simultaneously building successful businesses - implementing spiritual principles into real life. Making the impossible possible over and over again.

Samaya’s entrepreneurial clients deeply appreciate the combination of her background - Entrepreneurship & Spirituality. They say: “she simply vibrates, what she teaches”.

Samaya is the Founder of iWakening Training - and Author of 7-Step Training to Life-Mastery as well as QUANTUM FLOW STATE METHOD. All of these will be some of the great tools she will share in this iWakening Bootcamp.

Samaya´s vision is to touch as many hearts as possible. To inspire people to live in oneness with their pure heart and fully vibrate the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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Soul Reading & Quantum Healing Alignment

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1:1 Session
Life Mastery Energy Coaching

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