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 Photo from: Quantum Flow State Session during A-fest - Mindvalley, Bali 2018

About Me

Samaya Behrens is an energy healer who authentically lives in a commune with her heart and the nature of life.  Her vision is to awaken people's hearts to accelerate the evolution of consciousness for the greater good of the planet.   Her 18 years of education with her Spiritual Teacher of IKYA Vibrational Medicine and Holistic Health, led her to a path of service. Throughout her career, she conducted over 10.000 Soul Reading and Quantum Flow Alignments therapy sessions for her clients, assisting them on an awakening journey to become aligned with their fullest potential and highest purpose.  During all those years of education and working as a therapist, she was simultaneously building successful businesses - implementing spiritual principles into real life. Making the impossible possible over and over again. That’s why many of Samaya’s entrepreneurial clients appreciate the combination of her background - Entrepreneurship & Spirituality. They say: “she simply vibrates, what she teaches”.  Samaya is the Founder of iWakening - and Author of 7 Steps Training to Life-Mastery. This program gives people self-empowering tools to deeply transform and enrich their experience of life. It assists individuals and organizations  to have an everyday Work Out in a “Spiritual Gym”, building strong mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ‘muscles’ necessary to successfully manifest the flow of wealth, healthy relationships, and abundance on every level of their life. She lives in Bali and gives talks around the island with a mission to inspire people to heal, connect with their hearts and their intuition, to become the best version of themselves. Simply she inspires communities to start manifesting from their true heart and destiny, instead of their ego-self consciousness!

1000+ Spiritual Mindset and Wellness Talk

25 Years Transformational 
Work Experience

10 000 + Soul Reading & Quantum Flow Alignment Sessions

What I Do

  • Speak on Conferences/ Events/ Festival

    Do you want to truly move your audience? Here I am with my talks about Heart Empowered Leadership, Spiritual talks on many different topics, Holistic Transformation and New Paradigm Entrepreneurship customised to the audience. The "wow effect" of my talks lies behind my hidden magic -  as an energy healer I always work with the audience on energetic level and teach people unforgettable heart-felt experience and practical transformational tools. 

  • Talks & Trainings For Corporate Sector

    Training for Organizational Change and culture Development. Do you want to embody your company's core values among all of your employees and upgrade your business? Isn't it a good idea to  provide your leaders  access to world-class public speaker and energetic alignment coach that will teach your employees self-empowering tools to deeply transform & enrich their experience of life.

  • iWakening Training Bootcamps & Retreats

    Looking for personal transformation? Learn more about the iWakening Training Bootcamps & Retreats - Click here or connect me personally to learn more. 

  • Soul Reading, Quantum Flow Alignment & Life Mastery​

    20 Years background as a Quantum Flow Alignment & Life Mastery Coaching where my clients align with the fullest potential highest purpose to live their truth in every moment and take their life to a real life-mastery level!

Picture from some of Samaya's Talk

What kind of talks can I offer you?

Due to my +25 years plus of experience in the field of Holistic Health I'm able to customised my talk exactly to your needs. Nevertheless, below you can find few examples of some of my recent topics of the talks that were given in Bali and Norway last year!


  • Find your true Quantum Flow in life, live from your deep heart connection and true purpose  
  • Holistic Health & Transformational Training
  • Life Mastery & Spiritual Alignment Towards Your True Potential
  • New Paradigm of Living & Conscious Business


Watch the sample of my Flow Talk in Bali

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